Thought Bubble | Upperclassmen struggle to deal with crippling senioritis

Senioritis is a term you’ve probably heard thrown around in the halls of the high school every year. For anyone who is yet to experience their senior year, and coming from someone who’s in the midst of it, let me tell you now; it’s real. And in true senioritis fashion, I’m writing this article literally an hour before it’s due. 

Despite knowing many seniors throughout my time in high school, I never anticipated senioritis to be as difficult as it is. I figured that they were just a little lazy, we all get that way right? Wrong. 

High school is a very difficult time for everyone to manage. It’s the last step before you can begin your life and become more independent. You also experience more mental health challenges. Your body and mind are changing and it’s a very exhausting process all together with school work just to top it off. It’s fair to say you’re a little over it by senior year.

Some common symptoms of senioritis include:

– Fatigue

– Procrastination

– Excessive napping, sometimes even in class

– Dreading school

– Constant complaining

– Growing disdain for your hometown

– Dropping grades

Even though some days it might feel nearly impossible to overcome your senioritis, you have to remember how close you are to being done. I’ll use a little bit of Mr. Alderman’s advice here. SPRINT THROUGH THE FINISH LINE! Ok, this definitely applies to track, but it’s something I use to remind myself to keep going. You cannot run the whole race just to slow down right at the end, that is when people pass you. It doesn’t matter how much work you put in the beginning of the race if you don’t work just as hard right up to the end. 

I’m probably not the best person to be giving advice in this department, but we all need to encourage each other to continue being the best we can be.

Seniors, and seniors-to-be, we’re all in the same boat. We’re all exhausted and ready to start our own lives, but high school provides a strong foundation for the rest of your life and career. School is very important and you have to do your best to keep up. You’re very close to being done so just try to slow down and enjoy it for what it is. 

High school is an experience unlike any other and one day when you’re old and miserable, you might just miss it.

Illustration by Kinsley Peterson.

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