Magette signs with Barton County softball

Emma Frey | editor in chief

Senior Jordan Magette signed her letter of intent to continue her academic and softball career at Barton Community College last Friday. Many of Magette’s previous softball coaches attended the signing via a Zoom call. 

“I chose Barton because I really connected with the coaches. I liked their campus and they offer a lot of classes in what I want to major in,” Magette said, “the turf field is a plus!” She began playing T-ball from a young age, fell in love, and has stuck with the sport since.

Throughout her time at Wabaunsee, Magette excelled in a variety of sports, but ultimately chose to pursue softball at the collegiate level. She participated in volleyball and cheer all four years of high school and basketball for three years. “It’s always good when you have to pause because they have more than one sport that they could be going on to play,” principal Jan Hutley said. “Isn’t that nice?”

Magette was joined by her coaches Dave Cairns And Cori Munoz. Cairns encouraged her to continue focusing on school work. “Softball is not number one, education is the thing you’re after,” Cairns said, “You’re doing softball for the fun of it.” 

It is a privilege in itself and requires hard work to go onto play sports at a higher level. Hutley shared the statistic that only 2 percent of high school students will do so. “Don’t ever think that it’s not a big deal. Very few kids have the honor of going on and have dedicated their outside time to sports,” Hutley said.

Joe Dee Tarbutton, head softball coach, was able to attend the signing in person. He spoke of how Magette has excelled in the sport since freshman year. “I can tell you of her stats, which are great, but one of the big things that doesn’t show in her stats is when she’s been put in tough positions. She always goes in with a poker face, you never know what she’s thinking,” Tarbutton said. 

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