Question of the Week | Are you experiencing senioritis?

Are you experiencing senioritis? What are your symptoms?

“Yes. I get the jitters and I don’t wanna do anything.”

Senior Stanley Russo

“YES. Not coming to school, not doing work, having only 3 actual classes, not paying any attention, and wanting to work only.”

Junior Madison Schurle

“No. I am a hardworking kid in school and I never experience senioritis.”

Junior Aiden Boeckman

“I’m not a senior but yes. I’m ready to be done with high school and I don’t really feel like doing a lot of stuff in my classes anymore.”

Junior Kara Hafenstine

“Yes, my joints ache and I can no longer dance like I used to.”

Science teacher Lisa Hull

“Yes. I started waking up at 8 and my first hour teacher already knows I will be late and the only reason I am going to school is because I have to for softball.”

Senior Ryleigh Jones

“I’m experiencing depression, back pain and fatigue and also teenage rebellion.”

Senior Melissa Campbell

Are you planning to get a job this summer? What job do you have or are seeking? What challenges do students in our community face when finding jobs?

“Yes. There aren’t very many available since we live in such small towns.”

Junior Kyndal Maike

“I do plan on finding a job. I want a hands on job, maybe an assistant for mechanical work.”

Junior Cameron Yell

“I don’t really care where I work, I just need money. It could be Gambinos or the pool — I don’t care. I require money. The issues I encounter trying to get a job is that nobody will hire me.”

Junior Bryce Andrews

“I do yard work for a neighbor down the road.”

Junior Marek Boatwright

“I have a job. I work as a nurse aid and for the summer. I’ll be doing that. Also, I want to try door dashing with my boyfriend during summer. It seems fun. A lot of students start out not having jobs so they get rejected most of the time. Then they have to get a really crappy first job before anything good comes along.”

Junior Madison Schurle

“I am applying to the Adventure Time Daycare in our town. I think the biggest challenge kids face is that everyone wants to apply to the jobs in the town and not everyone can be accepted.”

Junior Madisyn Havenstein

“I work at the Alma Pool as a lifeguard. One of the biggest challenges for students trying to get jobs is just getting the job in general because around here options are limited and there are already lots of others applying for the same positions.”

Junior Kara Hafenstine

“I’ll probably end up working with my dad at Hafenstine construction.”

Junior Cande Yonke

“I am planning on working this summer, but I am not sure about my potential options yet.”

Freshman Eliza Barton

“I work at the daycare in Alma and it is a great opportunity to get to know the kids in our community and the parents as well.”

Senior Ryleigh Jones

The Oscar nominations were announced last week. What was your favorite movie you saw last year and why?

“I don’t watch movies ever, in fact I close my eyes every time a movie is played within 100 miles of me.”

Junior Jacob Daley

“Movies are for the conformative. This society is weak to be amused by something so trivial and simple. Let’s go back to the days where Gladiatorial arenas are the peak of amusement and pass time, back to the when I can watch a dramatic recreation of Julius Caesar getting stabbed 297 times by his closest friends.”

Junior Eli McDaniel

“Bad Boys for life, because it’s the newest in the Bad Boys series.”

Junior Brady Bayless

“I didn’t think that there were any good ones this past year.”

Junior C.J. Glotzbach

“Palm Springs was my favorite movie last year, and it’s one of the only ones I’ve watched mutliple times. I’m pulling for Judas and the Black Messiah at the Oscars though. It was incredible.”

English teacher Brendan Praeger

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