Art teacher to take over high school counseling position

Emma Alderman | news editor

Some people find art to be therapeutic, now it literally will be for students at WHS.

Due to budgetary cuts, USD 329 has decided to hire art teacher Brianna Guinn to take on the duties of retiring counselor Marilyn Workman at the beginning of next school year. 

“Mrs. Guinn will do a wonderful job as counselor next year. I feel like I can retire without needing to worry that the students will be taken care of,” Workman said. 

USD 329 had been searching for a new counselor for a couple of weeks before Guinn was brought up as an option. Students in the high school have already been going to Guinn for guidance throughout the past year, so employing her as the new counselor would make for an easy transition. 

“Mrs.Guinn is always willing to listen and seems to know when I need to talk about something before I do,” sophomore Danielle Murphy said..

“She helped me out last week when I dropped my breakfast burrito on my way to school,” freshman Miguel Hernandez said. “I was really crushed about it so she talked it out with me and even offered me a granola bar.”

Guinn also has experience counseling students through more advanced trauma. “My dad said that my parents divorce was my fault but Mrs.Guinn helped me to realize that it was my siblings fault,”one student said. 

Guinn hopes she can make an impact on the mental health of the student body. “The kids here have a lot of drama trauma and PTTSD (Post Tik-Tok Stress Disorder). I have a lot of work to do,” Guinn said.

Plans are being made for a couch to be moved into her classroom so that she can work with students on both art and life troubles anytime.

Happy April Fools! The Charger will return next week with real news.

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