WHS adds new elective to schedule

Kendyl Bolinder | Editor in chief

WHS is expanding opportunities for students to enroll in fine arts classes.

Wabaunsee High School has recently added a new guitar class that will be taught by current band and choir teacher Jamie Rogers. 

With the closing of the middle school beginning next school year, Rogers gained a free class period due to the combining of classes. 

Rogers, who previously taught a guitar class in another school district, said “it was a really fun and really relaxing hour and getting to play guitars and teach music, so that was my first option if I needed to fill an hour.”

The school plans to purchase four classical acoustic guitars for student use. Students may use their own guitars as well. The class will study the Essential Elements book series for learning guitar. Currently, two students have pre-enrolled in the class for the next school year. 

Junior Jacob Daley, who plans to take the class next year said “I know how to play a little, but I would like to get better.”

Junior Gaige Smith, who is also enrolled in guitar class, said “I want to learn how to play the guitar I have at home. I only know how to play the Harry Potter theme right now. I want to learn how to play some Red Hot Chili Peppers songs.” 

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