Sports in Kansas presents ‘Think Before You Post’ presentation to WHS

Emma Alderman | editor in chief

On August 25, the Wabaunsee High School Student Council invited Chet Kuplan, CEO of Sports in Kansas, to speak to all High School and Junior High students. 

“I had seen the posts of visits to schools throughout the last year. Comments made were positive and I felt that due to the impact social media has on all this could benefit students and even adults,” said STUCO adviser Amy Cassell.

Kuplan’s presentation mainly revolved around the dangers of not thinking twice before posting things on the internet, a topic that he is very passionate about. 

“It’s important to me because I have seen so many students lose scholarships and job opportunities and most of all I’ve seen the way people are treated because of mistakes they made,” Kuplan said. 

The presentation not only revolved around the dangers of social media but also the benefits of it. Kuplan also spoke about the importance of networking, proper communication and not judging people by first impressions. 

“Hopefully students will think before they post and ask themselves if this is something that could affect me in ten years, good or bad. I just want people to be responsible for their choices and know that people will have opinions and may be judged by something they did when they were young,” Kuplan said. 

Overall, the student body received the presentation positively. 

“I think that the information that was presented was useful and should be looked at by all students, not just high school students. And that it is very true that we should watch what we post and say on social media,” said junior Jazlyn Posch. 

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