USD 329 hires Covid coordinator

Justin Carlson | opinion editor

USD 329 has a new face this year with the addition of Charmin Miller to the staff as Covid Coordinator. Her duties this year as Covid Coordinator are to educate the students and staff on covid safety guidelines and to oversee testing of those who have been exposed to the virus. 

This year WHS has been able to relax covid policies due to availability of vaccines and covid consent forms which allow for easier access to testing and results for students. One such result of the relaxed policies is the option to wear a mask in class. 

The majority of students have opted out of masking so far, although some have been asked to mask up again if they have had contact with someone who has tested positive. “Those that are wearing masks don’t have to be quarantined or anything if they have had the shot,” Miller said.

Although the actual mandates regarding covid are introduced and enforced by the health department and Governor Kelly, Miller is in charge of interpreting and putting the policies into action here at Wabaunsee. 

Students and Parents are urged to reach out and ask any questions they may have at or to contact the district office.

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