Question of the Week | What are you most excited about this school year?

What are you most excited about this school year?

“I’m excited to be taking a college class this year.”

Junior Olivia Mayer

“I can’t wait for basketball Season because it looks really promising.” 

Freshman Connor Strait

“This school year I’m excited to run cross country because it is my first year and I want to learn new things.” 

Freshman Rhett Parry

‘I am excited for the freedom and clubs high school offers.”

Freshman Rylee White 

“I can’t wait to meet all the students and staff in our school and form new relationships.”

Special education teacher Lance Fuller Jr. 

How are gas prices affecting you?

“I can’t afford to drive to all the ladies.”

Junior Owen “Nighthawk” Johnson

“I don’t really pay for gas yet because my mom is my full-time uber driver!” 

Freshman Payton Wurtz

“Not any of my concerns.”

Freshman Anthony Callabresi

“It is less profitable to drive to work.” 

Junior Austin Spellman 

“I have to pay for my own gas now and I can’t work during the school year because of sports to pay for my gas.” 

Junior Annie Wright 

What was the highlight of your summer?

“Getting first place in our bracket at the Sunflower State tournament playing for Kansas triple threat.”

Freshman Ava Huske

“I bought a paddle board and I’m loving the adventures!” 

Art teacher Brianna Guinn 

“Going to Silver Dollar City and Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri.”

Junior Ashley Piper

“Going to different colleges and zooming with different college strength coaches.”

P.E. teacher Garrett Eck

“We went on a family vacation to Pagosa Springs, Colorado where we went on a Hot Air Balloon Ride, tubing, horseback riding & beat an escape room.”

Secretary Jeanne Parry

“Getting to work with all of the athletes over the break in our summer strength & conditioning program.”

Social Studies teacher Jess Rutledge 

“I completed a 105-mile bicycle race. Well, it wasn’t a race for me. I just wanted to finish. Lol.”

Music teacher Jamie Rogers

Students, faculty and community members are welcome to participate in Question of the Week here.

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