Question of the Week | Fall, KSHSAA and Role Models

Fall started Wednesday. What is your favorite thing about Fall?

“I absolutely love love love Halloween! I also just love the cooler weather and everything about fall.”

Junior Danielle Murphy.

“Can’t name one thing: Football, Weather, and NO bugs.”

Special Education Teacher Lance Fuller

“I love Thanksgiving, Halloween and all the fall activities you can do. Pumpkin patches, hot chocolate, and wearing warmer clothes.”

Junior Allyson Garst

“Sweater weather baybee.”

Senior Jacob Daley

Name one change KSHSAA should make to high school sports and activities?

“Add a week to the Cross Country season so that Cross Country & Volleyball State are on different weeks.”

Math Teacher Roger Alderman

“I think there should be a rule book on the sideline so if someone makes a bad call they can check it.”

Freshman Carson Reves

“The rules about rolling your shorts a certain way so the tag won’t show in basketball and that you have to have the same color of ponytails in your hair during track.”

Junior Rebekah Stuhlsatz

“That you can play as much as you want. It’s kinda dumb how you have a maximum number of games and quarters per game.”

Junior Lanson Parry

Who is your biggest role model and why?

“Olympic athlete Athing Mu because she won 2 olympic medals when she was only 19!”

Freshman Payton Wurtz

“Lizzo, Because she does whatever she wants and doesn’t care what others think of her.”

Junior Kwinton Willier

“Before he passed it was my great grandpa, he basically raised me and made me who I am. He inspired me to become a marine and chase my dreams, he was so cool and was very patient.”

Senior Christian Glotzbach 

“Derrick Thomas, He was a good man and a really good football player.”

Junior Maverick Havenstein

“Jace, my brother, because I look up to him and I push myself to beat him.”

Junior Bryton Reves

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