NHS welcomes new members at induction ceremony

Lauren Schutter | spots editor

The National Honor Society club inducted new members Andrew Grutsch, Maverick Havenstein, Jacob Meseke, Robert Potter, Lanson Parry, Rebekah Stuhlzatz, Paxton Meyer and Annie Wright during a ceremony September 20.

Students can apply to the club after their sophomore year. The selection process includes grades, letters of recommendation and an essay. A panel of teachers helps make the selection each year.

This ceremony is done annually, last year inducting members Kara Hafenstine, Emma Alderman, Cecelia Emmert, Kyndal Maike, Kaelyn Conrad, Lauren Schutter, Brayden Meseke, Sarah Vanstory and Madisyn Havenstein. 

The night opened up with an introductory speech from sponsor Miriam Barton, who thanked the parents and loved ones of all members for their guidance in the students’ academics and leadership. She had those who were there in support for a loved one stand, and the members applauded them.

After words from Barton, officers of the club spoke about the most important aspects of the club: scholarship, leadership, service and character.

The club also hosted a keynote speaker: the legendary Brock Emmert (father of current member Celia Emmert). He spoke about how being in NHS positively affected his home and work life, and what he does in his job. He works as a wetland conservationist and does a lot of public speaking and presentation work. Emmert said the attributes focused on by the National Honor Society have helped him in the development of his business and reminded him to always give back to others when possible. 

To conclude the ceremony, principal Jan Hutley spoke to address the students.

NHS started the year with a fundraiser selling watermelon at Hot Alma Nights, and intends to sell coffee every Friday before school. The club will do leaf raking November 6 and will sell candy bouquets at Christmas to raise money for Children’s Mercy.

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