Question of the Week | What new club should WHS add?

What new club should WHS add?

“Advanced Weapon Forging.”

Senior Justin Carlson

“Animal Rescue Club where we find perfect homes for shelter animals.”

Freshman Mercedes Kershaw

“I think a chess club would be great, but I’d also like a poker club if gambling with students wasn’t frowned upon.” 

English teacher Brendan Praeger 

What class are you most concerned about at this point in the semester?

“Science because I’m not very good at it and it’s my worst grade.”

Freshman Haley McClusky

“Anatomy, it’s way harder than I thought it would be.”

Senior Kaelyn Conrad

“Honestly chemistry,. It’s the most stressful.”

Senior Christian Glotzbach 

What show should everyone go stream?

“Watch the movie Velocipastor on Amazon Prime, it’s a classic.”

Senior Jacob Daley

“Echoes in the Canyon. It is a great historical show on pop music in the late 1960s in Los Angeles. Netflix.” 

Band teacher Jamie Rogers

“The Originals on Netflix because it teaches you the importance of family.”

Junior Dee Glotzbach 

Next week’s questions: What’s the best and worst school lunch? What conspiracy theory do you 100 percent believe? The NFL just announced that Kendrick Lamar will headline the Super Bowl Halftime show in 2022. What is your dream halftime show lineup?

Answer the question of the week HERE.

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