Editorial | Destructive behavior reflects poorly on entire student body

“Devious licks,” the newest TikTok challenge, has students destroying and stealing school property across the country.

This challenge has unruly students knocking stalls over, breaking sinks, taking paper towel dispensers off the walls and stealing soap dispensers. Most of the damage has been in bathrooms due to the inability to have any form of security.

Several Kansas schools have restricted bathroom use to prevent anymore of their bathrooms from being destroyed. According to student media, Lawrence High School is down to three bathrooms. All but two bathrooms in Manhattan High School West campus are closed and most are closed on the East campus.

Students across the country that have participated in this trend have been arrested on misdemeanor vandalism charges. Theft or damage of properties that add up to over $1,000 are a felony.

While it may not be directly related to the Tik Tok trend, this type of behavior has unfortunately also turned up at Wabaunsee High School. 

There was a recent incident with the high school volleyball team in a locker room at a host school.

Personal property was stolen, as well as some other mischievous activities. Law enforcement and administration talked to the volleyball team last week about how this type of behavior is not acceptable and could result in more serious repercussions. 

We’re glad that people in charge are taking it seriously, but unfortunately, some of the players still think it’s being blown out of proportion. We disagree.

Anytime something like theft or destruction of property happens it reflects poorly on everyone — and we’re all responsible for putting a stop to it. Team leaders are responsible for modeling and encouraging good behavior, and to an extent, everyone is responsible for the actions of their peers. 

As for property at our own school, our buildings have enough issues without further destruction. It’s not worth damaging something for a mildly amusing Tik Tok.

The editorial is the opinion of the Charger staff. Send letters to the editor to  whscharger@gmail.com.

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