Question of the Week | What is the best and worst option for school lunch?

What is the best and worst option for school lunch?

“The best is chicken bacon ranch salad and the worst is anything else.”

Freshman Payton Wurtz

“They’re all bad.”

Senior Jacob Daley

“Best is pizza and worst is ham and cheese roll up.”

Junior Logan Clark

“Best is hamburger. The worst are the sides.”

Freshman Sadie Hartwich

“Best school lunch option is of course pizza, while the worst is probably meatloaf.”

Sophomore Shawn Moser

“Worst: all, but the best is beefy nachos or pulled pork.”

Freshman Carson Reves

What conspiracy theory do you fully believe?

“Prince Charles is a vampire. He’s pasty white. Very sus.”

Freshman Payton Wurtz

“On the 23rd of December in 1924, the largest lightbulb manufacturers held a meeting (including America’s own General Electric). This meeting had brought an end to lifelong lightbulbs. Driven solely by profit, the lifespan of a lightbulb went from ~2000 hours to only ~1000 hours. Now all of this might be a conspiracy; but, why would a company sell lightbulbs that last forever?”

Senior Jacob Daley

​​”Aliens are real.”

Junior Logan Clark

“The moon landing was faked.”

Sophomore Shawn Moser

“Big foot is real.”

Freshman Carson Reves

What is your dream Super Bowl halftime show?

“Motley Crue, Cinderella, AC/DC and Jackyl.”

“God himself comes down from heaven, and starts shredding Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce.”

Senior Jacob Daley

“Anyone with public decency.”

Sophomore Shawn Moser

“Tracy Lawrence.”

Freshman Carson Reves

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