Letter to the Editor | Charger should emphasize positives

This is in response to the October 7 editorial “Destructive behavior reflects poorly on entire student body” that was published in the Wabaunsee High School student newspaper, The Charger.

To clarify, the opinion article “Destructive behavior reflects poorly on entire student body” contained misleading statements. Rather than focusing on negative events, the positive outcomes from these life lessons are what should be sought after. 

We live in a world that is filled with negativity, gossip, and drama and it’s easy to get caught up. It takes a leader to shine through all that negativity and there are leaders being formed every day, not only on the volleyball team, but the entire school. For the entire volleyball season, we have had discussions about positivity, being a good person, and attitudes/actions toward others. We have made an amazing, positive transformation over the last couple of months and that’s the type of story we wish The Charger would focus on. There have been some hard lessons, but without earthquakes, mountains are not formed. That positive change is definitely worth writing about! For the ladies on the volleyball team that have not been involved with any poor behavior (which is quite a few of them), it’s still a great message for them to hear when we discuss accountability.

This misleading newspaper article has led to some great discussions within the volleyball team. We have grown so much as a team over the last couple of months and have started to change our perspective from “why is this happening to me” to “what is this trying to teach me.” It’s up to all of us to make that change to be uplifting and not tear down others. Be positive!

— 2021-22 Wabaunsee Charger Volleyball Team

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