Question of the Week | What bill would you propose for WHS?

What should the next pep club theme be for the next home game?

“Everyone should dress like they are in the band KISS.” 

Senior Jacob Daley

“Pajamas, Flannel, or beach.” 

Junior Rebekah Stuhlsatz


Spanish teacher David Amer

In honor of Halloween, what is the most scared you’ve ever been?

“We lost my son in downtown Lawrence for 2 hours.” 

Science teacher Lisa Hull

“When Biden got elected as president.” 

Freshman Payton Wurtz

“When I got a hole in my foot.”

Freshman Caden Frank

“I have never been scared in my entire life, my focus and strength is unwavering.”

Senior Jacob Daley

“My mom used to run a haunted house in Maple Hill and I was way too young to go through it, but I insisted I went through every year then I would come out balling.”

Junior Olivia Mayer

“I used to be always scared of the mascot shocker for Wichita state when I was a little kid.”

Junior Lanson Parry

The government class is currently proposing bills. What is one thing you think should change at WHS?

“Give us a longer lunch time and a shorter AB.” 

Junior Kwinton Willier 

“Go big or go home, 4 day school week.”

Spanish Teacher David Amer

“Texas Roadhouse rolls for lunch because those rolls are very good.”

Junior Bryton Reves

“There should be more opportunities for academic competition.”

Junior Austin Spellman

“A lot of stuff, mainly they need to be more accommodating to people with mental illness.” 

Freshman Mercedes Kershaw

“Bring back ZAP.”

Science Teacher Lisa Hull

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