Thought Bubble | It’s always hard to say goodbye to a special pet

This week we had to put down our basset hound Macy. 

She was in our lives for 14 years, and has been around since I was three. Macy went through a lot during her time with us. She ate rocks twice, had bladder stones, and suffered from diabetes for five years. 

But despite all of this, she was a happy puppy. She lived for belly rubs, attention and treats. She was always happy to greet new people and receive their love. In her old age, she started to deteriorate, losing about 30 pounds, most of her sight and hearing and getting weaker as time went by. So when she started to lose her appetite and seemed to be getting uncomfortable, we made the call to end her suffering. 

It’s never easy to lose a pet when you have had them for so long and love them so much.

Celia says goodbye to Macy. Pictured above: 3-year-old Celia meets Macy as a puppy.

Now something about me is that I am aiming to become a veterinarian. I have worked with several veterinarians over the past few years. So I have seen and assisted in more euthanasias than I can count. 

It never gets easier. 

I have seen animals that are in great pain get put down, and even though I know that it’s for the best, it never fails to break my heart. The animal tends to hold on even when in pain for its people. They know that they are loved and they don’t want their people to be sad. The client reaction is one of the most emotional parts of this process. You see how much they love and care for the animal and how much it pains them to lose a part of their lives.

I will never forget Macy and all the memories I have with her. I know the importance of doing what’s best for your pet, but that does not mean it will hurt any less. 

They are a part of your family and they will always be special.

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