New head of maintenance ready to face challenges

Jackson Havenstein | arts & entertainment editor

New USD 329 maintenance director Gary Blanton started out as a dairy farmer before he found his passion for maintenance.

He then worked in a mobile home park doing set-up and maintenance on mobile homes. Now, Blanton is here to fix “everything except air conditioners.”

“It’s a challenge to figure out how to fix all the different problems, but I love seeing the satisfaction on someone’s face when I fix an issue,” Blanton said.

Blanton travels all around the district to perform his duties and has been involved in projects such as removing a cabinet and adding a sink to a Maple Hill Elementary School bathroom. 

Blanton also said that there is really nothing much he dislikes about this job because to him it’s not really a job, more of a hobby.

Blanton attended Alma High School back in 1963 before the district combined. He said that this helped to give him a good start of learning the layout of the buildings. 

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