New SRO brings experience to job

New school resource officer Steve Bundy has been in law enforcement for more than four decades.

He got his start in 1979 in a town with a population with some 2000 people. He helped out with the D.A.R.E. program and has worked his fair share of cases from common vandalism to homicide. 

“I knew I’d be in this kind of role from about 12 years old. I would  get together on weekends with my friends and play cops and robbers and do pretend interrogations,” Bundy said.

He went through the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center, which also requires 40 hours of annual police training.

He said his goal as a resource officer is to create better interaction with law enforcement amongst kids before they are adults, but he said he is still very much an officer.

As for his personal life, his hobbies include being a grandpa, wood burning and outdoor stuff like hands on work and lawn care.

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