All Play, No Work | Support student fine arts programs

Wabaunsee’s annual Fall play is only a couple of weeks away.

Just like in years past, the drama class will put on a lovely performance for the community, however this year there will be some guest appearances as well. The newspaper class and several students from outside of the drama class will also make up the cast this year, yours truly included.

A smaller class of only five budding young actresses left veteran director Brendan Praeger with some serious limitations on possible performances. 

Praeger said “We wanted to find something Christmas-y so we found plays that were loosely Christmas-themed and did things that were disconnected-one-acts so we could have people from other classes perform as well.”

The smaller size of his drama class comes with its fair share of advantages also. “Every person is in every scene. I think they’ll feel more of a sense of ownership because of that,” Praeger said. 

Aside from Rebekah Stuhlsatz who has taken drama one year before, the other four students (Jazlyn Posch, Eliza Barton, Rylee White, and Payton Wurtz) are all completely new to the acting scene. 

Both Posch and White agree that one of the hardest parts “is taking things seriously” and “keeping a straight face” through the more ridiculous scenes. Barton said “To prepare I have just been going over lines with myself repeatedly and by scene to make sure that I have everything down,” and Stuhlsatz commented that to her, the hardest part “is remembering lines.”

As a newly initiated thespian and long-time band member, I believe that the fine arts are of utmost importance. Without youngsters like us refining our crafts, the world would be devoid of entertainment. Living in a dull world devoid of the joy brought by quality high school performances is not a reality that I find appealing, so come on out and show your support for the arts.

The play is 7 p.m. December 4 in the WHS Auditorium.

Oh, and did I mention the soup?

Before the performance, play-goers are invited to enjoy a soup bar provided by the cheer squad. Starting at 6 p.m., the cheerleaders will be serving baked potato, cheesy potato, hamburger vegetable and chicken noodle soups.

A meal deal is available where a bowl of soup and a ticket to the play can be purchased together for $10.00 for adults or $8.00 for students. 

We would love to see as many faces there as we can, so come on down and absorb some amateur acting at its finest.

“The Most Amazing Christmas Play Series in the Entire History of the World”

Four short comedies by Don Zolidis, 7 p.m. December 4, WHS Auditorium

$5 adults, $3 students

Soup fundraiser for WHS Cheer 6 p.m. in FCS room

Illustration by Ava Huske. Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts Inc.

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