Question of the Week | What’s your coffee order?

No offense to the NHS coffee stand, but Alma isn’t a great place to find a good cup of coffee. When WHS students do get a chance to try something fancier, their orders can be pretty elaborate. Match the following coffee orders with the correct thirsty student.

Students: Payton Wurtz, Sydney Holthaus, Heather Baker, Bryton Reves, Paxton Meyer, Lauren Schutter,  Lanson Parry, Robert Potter, Kwinton Willier, Ally Garst, Annie Wright, Danielle Murphy (Answrs below)

1. “Brown sugar shaken espresso with sweet cream cold foam and light ice.”

2. “I’ve never been to Starbucks.”

3. “I get a size trenta strawberry açaí refresher with apple juice instead of lemonade.” 

4. “Buy 1 get 1 cookie for free at Barnes and Noble.”

5. “Skim milk, almond milk latte with one pump of sugar free vanilla, 1/18 pump of hazelnut, and 1/73 pump of caramel, with dairy free, sugar free, flavor free whipped cream.”

6. “I either get a trenta cold brew with 6 pumps vanilla and sweet cream cold foam or a strawberry and cream frappe.”

7. “A Scooters Caramelicious Iced Blender. It’s (CHEFS KISS).”

8. “Venti brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso with sweat cream cold foam.”

9. “Grande iced white mocha with vanilla cold foam and caramel drizzle.”

10. “Tall double Java chip frappuccino without whipped cream.”

11. “Iced chai tea latte with vanilla sweet cream cold foam.”

12. “Hot chocolate.”

ANSWERS: 1. Sydney Holthaus 2. Lanson Parry 3. Lauren Schutter 4. Robert Potter 5. Payton Wurtz 6. Kwinton Willier 7. Ally Garst 8. Annie Wright 9. Paxton Meyer 10. Heather Baker 11. Danielle Murphy 12. Bryton Reves

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