Love is in the Air | Charger staff and students share romantic advice

Eli McDaniel | social media editor, Illustration by Ava Huske

For Valentine’s Day, the Charger asked students and staff to discuss relationships and dating. Participants have varying levels of dating experience — so take their advice at your own risk!

What is your ideal first date? 

Senior Cade Oliver: Something kinda laid back but still fun and outgoing. Like… get some pizza, go out, drive around, put some blankets in the bed of the truck, and go hang out and look at the stars.

Teacher Jason Miller: Wings and Football.

Teacher Brandi Miller: Going to dinner and a movie. 

Freshman Payton Wurtz: Backroading. Go up to the top of Clapboard and look at the stars, Then… sit at the little bench by my pond, and talk and eat Ben & Jerry’s. 

Teacher David Amer: Hiking in the mountains. Active, outdoors and in nature, time to talk, and if it’s awkward and silent you’re still doing something fun.

Senior Sarah Vanstory: Going to El Corral in St. Marys with Sean (Sarah’s Boyfriend).

First Date Advice?

Brandi Miller: Double date and drive separately so if it is a bad time you can just leave and hang out with friends.

Oliver: Be yourself, try to be laid back, and don’t be up in their face about stuff.

Wurtz: Don’t try to be somebody else, and dress comfy. 

Amer: Talk about things that are interesting, learn about the other person.

Vanstory: Relax. Make sure you make eye contact and make sure he pays for your food. 

What to do on a bad first date?

Jason Miller: Leave.

Wurtz: You just say “Oh this was a date? I thought we were here as friends,” then leave. 

Amer: Play it off, do the best you can to enjoy the moment, and recognize that this will never happen again. 

What does dating mean to you/what does a date entail?

Wurtz: When you go on dates together and not just say ‘oh we’re dating’ but don’t do anything about it, that kinda seventh-grade stuff. 

Vanstory: I like to date Sean, we’ve been dating 20 months. I think that a good relationship requires good communication.

Amer: We (Amer and his wife) went on our first date with the kid. We went to watch Spider-Man then we went to AJ’s Pizza. Super solid. We even held hands in the movie theater, it was crazy.

Qualities you look for in a significant other?

Brandi Miller: You should spend time with someone who values you for who you are, someone who is kind, respectful, and who makes you laugh.

Jason Miller: Smart and funny.

Wurtz: Kindness and compassion. And they better believe in Jesus! Being good with kids because my mom just had a baby and I’m not good with kids.

Vanstory: Anything but a mullet. Make sure you have good communication and that you accept each other for who you are. Make sure that you get to go out and do something that makes you both happy.

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