Question of the Week | How often do your parents ask you about what you learn in school?

How often do your parents ask you about what you learn in school? What concerns about curriculum have they shared with you? 

“At least once or twice a week. They think some stuff we are learning is stupid like all this crazy math that is required.”

– Junior Olivia Mayer

“Yeah, they ask all the time and apparently I always do nothing so they are kind of concerned.”

– Freshman Sadie Hartwich

“They ask me pretty often. They also help me when I’m struggling.”

– Junior Lanson Parry

“They don’t ever ask me. They don’t express concerns either.”

– Senior Jacob Daley

“They think our teachers are too laid back.”

– Junior Kent Berkenmeier

“They don’t ask LOL. I don’t care enough about it to share it with them”

– Senior CJ Glotzbach

What song are you addicted to right now?

“‘Les Toreadors’ From Carmen Suite No.1 by George Bizet. A masterpiece of classical composition, Frederick Fazbearington would be proud.”

– Senior Jacob Daley

“She’s all I wanna be” by Tate McRae. Because she’s cool and her songs are great.”

– Junior Danielle Murphy

“Lauren Daigles’ ‘Look Up Child’ album is just hitting different right now, honestly 10/10 recommend.

– Freshman Peyton Wurtz

“Still D.R.E by Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre.”

– Junior Ally Garst

“‘I Can’t Take My Eye Off You’ by Jon Wolfe. It’s a really good song and it’s relaxing.”

– Freshman Justus Lawton 

“‘Martin and Gina’ by Polo G because I like it.”

– Freshman Kaden Coon

Which winter olympic sport would you be best at?

“Luge because I’m aerodynamic.”

– Junior Kwinton Willier


– Sophomore Heather Baker

“I think snowboarding. It looks kind of easy.”

-Freshman Rhett Parry

“Triathlon. I like running and biking. I don’t know about skiing but it would be fun.”

– Junior Rebekah Stuhlsatz

“Snowboarding. I use drift boards in fortnite and have experience.”

– Junior Bryton Reeves

“”Human Sadness” by The Voidz and “Say You Love me” by Fleetwood Mac.”

– Senior Justin Carlson 

“Chop Suey” by System of a Down because my 5-year-old has started trying to sing it on the way to school each day.”

Newspaper adviser Brendan Praeger

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