Question of the week | Which celebrity would you like to take to prom?

It’s “Promposal” season! Which celebrity would you like to take to prom?

“Megan Fox.”

– Freshman Dalton Debler, Junior Logan Clark, Junior Kent Berkenmeier and Senior Aiden Boeckman

“Ryan Reynolds.”

– Junior Maverick Havenstein and Senior Jacob Daley


– Freshman Payton Wurtz

“Conan Gray.”

– Junior Danielle Murphy

“ZENDAYA *kissy face* *heart eyes”

– Senior Eli McDaniel

What meal can you cook well?

“Gigi Hadid’s famous pasta, steamed broccoli, and chocolate lava cake.”

– Freshman Payton Wurtz

“Chicken and cheese quesadillas.”

– Freshman Aubrey Imthurn

“Pop Tarts.”

– Senior Eli McDaniel

“Macaroni and hot dogs”

– Junior Maverick Havenstein 

“Prime Rib with sides.”

– science teacher Lisa Hull

“I make a pretty mean lasagna that gets rave reviews from my family. “

– librarian Kristen Berroth

What’s a good book to read quickly for students who have an independent reading essay due next week?

“Any book that has a movie to go with it.”

– Senior Aiden Boeckman

“The Hunger Games is always my go-to recommendation because it’s one of my favorite books and of course it’s better than the movie.”

– librarian Kristen Berroth

“Bro, just get your essays done.”

-Senior Jacob Daley

“The Dictionary.”

– Junior Maverick Havenstein

“Clifford the Big Red Dog.”

– Junior Dee Glotzbach

“The Poppy War.”

– Senior Eli McDaniel

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