Thought Bubble | Zimmerman delivers valuable message to FCA

Former K-State football safety Ty Zimmerman spoke to WHS Fellowship of Christian Athletes and community members March 22. Zimmerman is the North Central Kansas Area Director of FCA.

Zimmerman gave his testimony about finding God, and his journey from there. He spoke on Luke 6: 46-49 which includes the passage about the wise men building his house upon the rock, and the fool building his house in the sand. The rock refers to God and building your life upon him. The sand refers to worldly things you may try to build your life on, like the American Dream. 

Zimmerman said “We are not living to earn God’s grace, but in response to it.” 

Zimmerman also talked about the 3 Ps: Popularity, Performance and Possessions. He said that people may strive to achieve the “American Dream” or “The 3 Ps,” but they always feel like they are missing something, and that something is God. 

Zimmerman said that he saw an interview with Tom Brady, in which Brady stated that he has everything, but still feels like he is missing something. There are some things that we try to fill with worldly things, but that hole needs to be filled with God. 

Zimmerman also spoke about his struggle with anxiety and public speaking. After the message I spoke to him about overcoming anxiety. He recommends to anyone struggling with anxiety to read  2 Corinthians 12 and especially focus on the part that says “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

I thought what Ty had to say was awesome, and I’m glad FCA invited him to WHS. FCA is an amazing organization that makes a tangible difference in our community. Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an awesome way to do community services and grow closer to God.

I encourage anyone who is interested in making more friends, or starting a relationship with God to join FCA. All of the WHS students that attended said they had a great experience and liked what he said. Ty is super kind, always willing to answer questions, and talking after presentations/ following up.

If that sound enticing, explore FCA and attend our events, whether you already have a relationship with God or are just exploring new ideas. It’s an experience you won’t regret.

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