New ‘Mental Hurt’ room implemented at high school

Emma Alderman | editor in chief

Following the addition of the new Mental Health room created by Wabaunsee’s KAY Club, another club has taken initiative to try to help prepare its classmates for the future. 

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) has received a grant to create what they have named the “Mental Hurt Room.” FBLA received the grant from the Be Realistic organization which strives to prepare students for the future.

“The students wanted to keep the proposal a secret until after it was submitted. I was a little worried about it, but when we received the grant I had to let them move forward,” FBLA adviser Jeron Weisshaar said. 

The purpose of the room is to humble students who have too much self-confidence. “School usually crushes student’s spirits, but some of them are resistant,” FBLA member Lanson Parry said.

The Mental Hurt Room will be located in Lisa Hull’s science room, as her class already provides a humbling experience for students.

“The idea behind our proposal is to help prepare students for their future careers. The real world is tough and that’s something that everyone should experience,” Parry said. 

April Fools! Enjoy satire from the Charger throughout the day.

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