WHS to stage ‘killer’ play

Mayah Mumpower | news editor

The WHS drama class will perform its spring play May 7.

The murder mystery-comedy “The Alibis” follows Detective Casey Neptune and her butler Warwick as they try to figure out who murdered billionaire J. Leslie Arlington.

The play, written by multiple authors, provided some versatility for the class. “We have a very small cast, so we chose something that gave us some options for doubling characters,” director Brendan Praeger said. Each scene follows a different suspect in the murder, and each scene is from a different popular playwright. 

The play is a return to murder mysteries, a genre the school used to preform regularly. “The kids really wanted to do a mystery, but it took a couple of years to find the right one for us,” Praeger said.

Freshman Rylee White plays Warwick,  the butler turned detective., “My character is supposed to be pretty and confused and has to mispronounce things, so it’s not a big stretch for me. I help the main character interrogate the suspects. I’m a better detective than (Eliza Barton’s) Casey Neptune.”

Freshman Payton Wurtz plays multiple roles. “I’m playing a shady businesswoman who is the lawyer for the murder victim. I also get to play a grandpa and criminal in some other scenes, so I get to have a lot of fun,” Wurtz said.

Senior Kyndal Maike is preparing for her first show. “It’s so hard getting everyone here on the same day to rehearse, but it’s a really funny and entertaining play and I think people will enjoy it,” she said.

FCCLA will host a meal before the play, and will be selling tickets in advance to raise funds for a trip to nationals this summer. Tickets to the play are $5 for adults and $3 for children, with meal tickets costing $10 and $8.

Curtains open at 7 p.m May 7 in the WHS auditorium.


Eliza Barton

Rylee White

Payton Wurtz

Kyndal Maike

Rebekah Stuhlsatz

Kwinton Willier

Jazlyn Posch

Justin Carlson

Mayah Mumpower

Emma Alderman

AJ Grutsch

Robert Potter

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