Question of the week | Freshmen prepare for high school

Last week, incoming freshmen toured WHS in preparation for entering high school. We asked them a few questions about their junior high experience.

What will you miss the MOST about junior high?

“Definitely a few of the teachers. The ones who are cool.”

Kendra Conrad

“I’ll miss my teachers, they have helped me in more ways than one and I will always be thankful for what they have done for me & other students. I guess I’ll miss the library too. The familiarity of this place.”

Mya Huske

“Drawing on Mr Fisher’s whiteboard.”

Kayla Jernigan

“My teammates in 7th grade.”

Connor Silva

What will you miss the LEAST about junior high?

“The small amount of electives we had.”

Emily Bedore

“How early we have to wake up.”

Hayden Wilburn

“How small the school is.”

Katelyn Glotzbach

“Some of the classes.”

Matthew Keller

What are you excited about in high school?

“I get to do all these things and I get to choose what classes I want to take. Plus all the new experiences I’ll have, and the new people I get to meet.”

Mya Huske

“More Respect.”

Brody Droegemeier

“Sports opportunity.”

Elise Ford

“Sports and getting to know other people.”

Kennedy Weisshaar

What part of high school are you most concerned about?

“Social Media.”

Jesse Eubanks

“Getting to the right class at the right time.”

Zoey Stone

“Being in classes in different grade levels.”

Ethan McGhee

“Different teachers.”

Macy Alderman

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