English teacher works to create welcoming environment

AJ Grutsch | editor in chief

From Reno, Nevada to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Sierra Page has made her way back to Kansas to become the new WHS English teacher. 

Page teaches English 2 and English 4 while also acting as a proctor for college English. She will also advise NHS and be a senior class sponsor.

While college English through Highland Community College will still be taught online by previous teacher Miriam Barton, Page will assist students in any way she can. 

Page started the year by having her students take the Multiple Intelligences Quiz to find out the best ways to help students learn. “My biggest challenge has been finding out what works for each student, not all students learn the same way,” she said.  

Before WHS, Page taught online English classes to immigrants living in America. She said the experience taught her a lot about how to be a teacher. “I learned how to engage with students and find out ways I could have their interests included in learning to make learning fun,” Page said. 

Page received her education from Florida International University in Miami. She currently attends K-State to get her masters degree in Education. 

Education runs in her family, as both parents work in education. Wanting to stay in Kansas long term was part of the reason Page had decided to apply at WHS. 

“I feel very strongly about all schools, even the smaller ones are still important. I don’t want to overlook them just because the student body count is smaller,” Page said. 

Being new to a small town, Page says she still has more to learn about the culture of Wabaunsee. She said that she has a love for the small town charm. 

In her free time, Page crochets and knits. She has a soft spot for fiber arts and all other arts in general. Page said she enjoys reading and watching her favorite movies as well. 

As for the tone of her classroom, Page wants all students to know that her class is a safe space without any sort of tolerance for bullying. “I want students to feel safe in my classroom for who they are, no matter what that means,” Page said. 

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