Question of the Week | What was the highlight of your summer?

What was the highlight of your summer?

“Watching and dressing up for the minions movie.”“Going on vacation.”

Junior Matthew Vanstory

Freshman Kendra Conrad

“Swimming with some sharks in a cage.” 

Junior Tyler Anderson

“Having fun with friends.”

Freshman Brody Droegemeier

“Being able to go on the trip to San Diego with FCCLA.”

Junior Abby Wallin

“Becoming a WHS teacher!”

English teacher Sierra Page

“Getting my bearded dragon,”

Sophomore Mercedes Kershaw

“I went to flaming gorge Utah and camped for a week with some family.”

Freshman Jesse Eubanks

What are your thoughts on changes to school rules or procedures this year?

“I think they are a little too strict, I feel you should be able to have your phone if you’re done with everything in that class.”

Junior Abby Wallin

“I like the policy since we didn’t get to wear hats or have our phones last year. I also think it’s a good thing that we don’t get them all the time so we can focus more.”

Freshman Elise Ford

“I don’t know, for freshmen it’s more of an upgrade.”

Freshman Reese Michaelis

“I think that almost completely removing cell phones from the classroom is a bad way to go about keeping students active in class.”

Junior Jackson Frey

“I would really like to sit outside and eat.”

Freshman Chloe Standefer

“It’s very strict.”

Junior Bailey Wright

“I don’t like it because I was looking forward to high school because I thought that I would have more freedom.”

Freshman Karsyn Shoffner

“I don’t like the phone policy because it makes me want to be on my phone more.”

Senior Hadlee Diepenbrock

What’s the last great movie or show that you watched?

“The 100,” it’s just got a lot going on at once and I really like that in a show, the characters are also easy to relate to and get attached to.”

Freshman Kayla Jernigan

“Top Gun Maverick” because I watched it in the theater.”

Freshman Karsten Breiner

“Virgin River.” It was interesting and had a lot of cliffhangers.”

Junior Kelvin Magette

“Minions: The Rise of Gru,” because minions.”

Junior Matthew Vanstory

“The best show I watched this summer was “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”

Freshman Elise Ford

“Most likely the show “Shameless” just because it’s a show I enjoy watching with friends and just by myself.

Freshman Mataya Nichols

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