Homecoming changes promote community involvement

Danielle Murphy | social media editor

Homecoming week will look a little different this year, with the parade moving to Wednesday night and the addition of a powderpuff football game.

“We knew something needed to change due to the lack of involvement from the community and the school,” student council adviser Amy Cassell said. “Booster Club actually approached Mr. Weisshaar and Mr. Oliver before school started and asked about the parade on Wednesday and an activity after and they wanted to take over the bonfire.” 

The new time for a parade will also allow participants to stay out of the heat. “I think it’s ideal that they have a normal day of school on game day,” football coach Jess Rutledge said. “It also keeps them off of the hot asphalt for several hours right before a game.”

The Booster Club strives for homecoming to become a week long event. “We hope things will go well, and hope to make new traditions. With having the parade in the evening and bringing back the powderpuff, the bonfire and just getting people excited about the homecoming festivities,” Booster Club representative Jenny Schutter said. 

Instead of the homecoming dance being after the game, the dance was moved to the Saturday following the football game. Many students preferred the dance to be moved to a Saturday due to the time crunch after the game. 

“A few parents requested the change. Kids don’t stay long due to Saturday morning sports, kids get there late due to the game. This seemed to be something we could try,” Cassell said. 

The overall goal is to bring in more involvement in the big event, and I hope the week goes by smoothly. “There may be some growing pains, maybe just this year, for some of these changes,” Booster Club representative Jennifer Frank said.

With new changes to homecoming, the goal is also to bring back some old traditions. The Booster Club is hosting a powderpuff tournament after the parade and athlete introductions Wednesday night. “I’m excited. This is the first time in a long time that the school is doing it. I’ve always wanted to be a part of it,” junior Alexus Ford said. 

37 girls have signed up for the tournament, and the halftime performance will be performed by football players. Former cheerleader Macy Falk will teach the boys a performance and some cheers. 

On Friday, there will be an all-district pep rally provided for the community and district at 1:30 in the WHS gym. 

“I can’t wait to see what happens during the candidate games,” senior Kwinton Willier said. 

Cheerleaders will provide games for the whole district including candidate games. The junior high cheerleaders will also have the opportunity to perform with the high school cheerleaders at the pep rally.

Homecoming schedule

Monday: Class window painting downtown, 3-5 p.m.

Tuesday: Touring the ‘50s (dress as a tourist)

Wednesday: Wig out in the ‘70s (Wear your best wig or craziest hair style)

Parade at 6:30 p.m. from downtown to football field, followed by team introductions, powderpuff football game and pizza.

Thursday: ‘60s Paradise (Wear your best Hawaiian gear)

JH volleyball and football vs. Rossville, Bonfire at dusk

Friday: ‘80s Rockin’ Colors (freshmen: white, sophomores: black, juniors: red, seniors: blue)

StuCo barbecue at lunch, District Pep Rally 1:30 p.m. at WHS, Crowning at 6:20, Football vs. Northern Heights at 7 p.m. 

Saturday: Volleyball at Lyndon, Cross Country at Wamego, Homecoming dance 8-10 p.m. in WHS commons, $2 admission 

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