Question of the Week | What’s your pre-game ritual for fall sports?

What’s your pre-game ritual for fall sports?

“Listening to ‘80s heavy metal” 

Freshman Jesse Eubanks 

“Doing a little dance or jig at the starting line before a race.”

Senior Rebekah Stuhlsatz

Group Prayer.”

Sophomore Isabelle Stuhlsatz

“Scream singing.”

Junior Catori Buchheit

“I ALWAYS eat a Cliff bar before a cross country race.”

Sophomore Payton Wurtz

What club do you recommend everyone joins?

“FCCLA. It’s super fun and you get to go to a lot of fun places.”

Freshman Elise Ford

“FFA because of food, fun, and competition.”

Junior Kadence Guinn

“Chess Club (approval pending). It’s fun and everyone can do it. You can play your whole life. Students who play chess do better in school.”

Math teacher Jason Miller

“FCCLA. It’s a great club that can help improve many skill areas such as public speaking skills. You also get to do fun projects and go on lots of trips. You can become an officer for our chapter, district, state, and even a national officer.”

Junior Abby Wallin

Which class is your favorite so far this school year?

“I love all my classes! Except Physics, they are so mean to me. LOL”

Staff Lisa Hull

“Art because Mrs. Guinn is the best.”

Sophomore Mercedes Kershaw


Freshmen Karsyn Shoffner

“Guitar class.”

Freshman Hailey Standefer

“Ag mechanics.”

Junior Bailey Wright

“Intro to FCS.”

Freshman Karsten Breiner

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