Breiner retires as voice of the Chargers

Sienna Jones | staff writer

After a run of more than 30 years, Dave Breiner has retired from his position as the WHS football announcer. 

Breiner began announcing after previous announcer Larry Hubler recommended the position to him. Since his children were in high school at the time, Breiner took the position. 

Breiner described the importance of a good announcer and what the job entails. “Talking at an understandable pace and describing what’s happening between plays,” Breiner said. He said illustrating what’s happening on the field is the most important job an announcer has. 

Besides the logistics of the game, having fun and enjoying every game is just as important. “Over the many years I’ve been announcing, the highlight of each season is the energy on and off the football field,” Breiner said.

New announcer Kevin Griffith stands in the press box at the powderpuff football game September 7.

The new voice of the Chargers is Kevin Griffith. After helping out for a couple years, Griffith decided to take the position full time.

Griffith has been announcing since his sophomore year in high school, or roughly 16 years. He studied radio broadcasting while in college, after which Griffith began announcing at K-State for volleyball, soccer and baseball. He has also done radio play-by-play for high school sports across the state. 

Griffith began at Wabaunsee a few years ago. “When I was asked to help out here, of course I said yes, always willing to help out, especially for our community,” he said. As Griffith is currently announcing for football, he explained good qualities announcers must have. “Having good rhythm I’d say, pronunciation helps of course, and an upbeat energy.” 

You can hear Griffith announce for the Chargers again Friday, September 23 against Smith Center. 

Fans hoping to hear Breiner one more time will have an opportunity in October, when Wabaunsee hosts state tennis in Topeka.

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