Question of the Week | What was the highlight of homecoming week?

What was the highlight of homecoming week?

“100 percent the powder puff cheerleaders.” — Sophomore Payton Wurtz

“The powder puff game.” — Junior Bailey Wright 

“The barbecue. I personally thought the food was really good, and that it should always be a tradition.” — Junior Matthew Vanstory 

“Ruining the seniors’ float winning streak of three years.” — Junior Ava Meinhardt 

After the recent death of the queen of England, which public figure or celebrity would affect you most if they passed?

“Just the queen. She has been about the only person who saw dinosaurs.” — Senior Danielle Murphy 

 “The Queen of England, RIP bozo.” — Junior Matthew Vanstory

“Miles Teller because we’re married. Even though he doesn’t know.” — Sophomore Payton Wurtz

“Kanye West because yanno.” — Sophomore Emily Meyer

“Adam Sandler because he’s my favorite movie star and comedian. There’s also no one else that will say I’’m waiting for them to play gangnam style.” — Junior Catori Buchheit

Sonic is now open on I-70. What is your go-to Sonic drink and food order?

“Popcorn chicken, fries, cherry vanilla dr pepper.” — Sophomore Meredith Denton

“Hot fudge shake, mozzarella sticks with ranch, and some good ol’ jumbo chicken. Maybe some tots too. I just love me some food. I need a burger.” — Junior Kadence Guinn 

“Ocean Water with popcorn chicken and cheddar peppers.” — Junior Catori Buchheit 

“Medium Sprite with raspberry and vanilla (trust me), small cheddar peppers with ranch, and maybe a banana shake.” — Junior Sophia Castillo 

“Mozzarella sticks.” — Sophomore Ava Huske

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