Chargers perform with K-State All-Star band

AJ Grutsch | editor in chief

From a high school gym to the Bill Snyder Family Stadium, a few WHS students made a big step up in band class. 

Wabaunsee graduates Jacob Daley and Jessica Vanstory and students Matthew Vanstory and Isabelle Stuhlsatz performed in the K-State All-Star band after hours of practice. 

The K-State band is known for its spectacular halftime performances, which takes hours of effort to pull off. “Practicing was fun. The K-State students would help you out a lot with getting ready for the performance,” Matthew Vanstory said.

The students spent time practicing their music at home as well as marking their music for when they needed to march. 

With all this time in the band, the students formed bonds with other musicians as well. “Basically everyone within the trombone section I’ve become close friends with, marching band sort of forces everyone to get to know each other,” Daley said. 

Daley is majoring in music composition and pursuing his passion of creating music for larger bands. He also has joined the fraternity Kappa Kappa Psi, which focuses on helping the band work more efficiently in areas like setting up and taking down equipment. They also run the Pride store which helps fund the band’s needs. 

A large band is an enormous difference from WHS. K-State has more than 400 students in the marching band alone. “Being in a big band there are a lot more people to hear so it’s easier to hear your part, but in a small band it’s easier to fix what you mess up,” Stuhlsatz said. 

The K-State All-Star marching band performed September 9 and 10, for a stadium of fans during the home K-State game against Missouri. 

Among them was high school band director Jamie Rogers. Rogers has been with WHS for four years and has taught some of the students throughout high school. He’s also familiar with the Wildcat band, having marched from 1995-98, and working on student staff for 2004-05. “It’s cool to see that some of my students continue playing their instruments past high school and it’s cool to see current students going above and beyond with opportunities and activities where they can open up their eyes to the possibilities of what’s beyond what they see in the classroom every day,” Rogers said. 

The students recommend this experience for any one interested in music who wants to play and march for an audience. “It was a good experience and I feel like if you have the opportunity to do it, you should,” Matthew Vanstory said.

Pictured above: Isabelle Stuhlsatz, Jacob Daley, Jessica Vanstory and Matthew Vanstory pose during rehearsal for the K-State All-Star band September 10. Photo by Jamie Rogers.

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