‘Smash Hits’ Vince and Larry to visit WHS football game

For the first time in four years, Crash Dummies Vince and Larry are returning to WHS.

S.A.F.E. (Seatbelts are for Everyone) has brought the duo back to promote seatbelt safety and increase awareness of the club’s work.

“It’s a good way to promote safe driving and to help people use their heads before making dangerous decisions. People of all ages make bad decisions with seatbelts, so we hope our work can save a life or two,” S.A.F.E. president Danielle Murphy said.

Sponsor and USD 329 School Resource Officer Steve Bundy said the best part of the club is “Supporting young people as they begin their driving lives and equipping them with tools to make safe choices.”

WHS S.A.F.E brought in Vince and Larry to remind the community to stay safe and buckle up! “I think people seeing Vince and Larry in person is a fun reminder that wearing your seatbelt is very important. Younger kids will have fun with the crash dummies and the older folks will have the nostalgia of seeing the dynamic duo on TV,” S.A.F.E vice president AJ Grutsch said.

Vince and Larry will be at the football game tonight before kickoff and will be available for pictures throughout the game.

The following is from a press release from the Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office:

Yes, the dynamic disaster of Vince and Larry of the famed “safety belt crash dummies” family are here! They will be all around the stands tonight to promote safety belt use in cooperation with the Kansas Safety Belt Education Office and the Kansas Department of Transportation.

Vince and Larry star in the humorous television and radio public service announcements where they work as unbelted crash dummies. Their smash hits have made them experts on how to best trash a vehicle. They make no bones about it, they’d gladly give up three arms and six legs to make the point- buckle up!

Vince and Larry may look alike, but are distinguished by their attitudes. Vince has been in the crash dummy business for over 20 years. He is disillusioned and ready to give up; he doesn’t believe anyone is listening to the safety belt message.

Larry is fresh out of crash college. He is new at his job and eager to sacrifice life or limb to make his point.  Larry has a lot of the philosophical attitudes his college teacher had, “If only one life is saved, it will have been worth it.”

Vince and Larry who are currently on tour in Kansas, add a bit of levity to a serious subject- the epidemic of death and injury due to motor vehicle crashes. They are creations of the National Ad Council, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

Nearly 50,000 people are killed and half a million injured each year in automobile accidents. In Kansas alone, 500 people die and 20,000 more are injured annually. Properly used safety belts, however can cut the number of car crash deaths or injuries in half.

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