Superintendent discusses issues with student council

Sienna Jones | staff writer

New superintendent Troy Pitch met with the WHS student council September 19 to discuss student questions and concerns.

The discussion included many topics including the bond, student curriculum, college readiness and career pathways. 

“It was amazing for me to get to hear first of all what you guys are thinking about doing. It was a really great feeling. I want to get to know you guys a lot, since some of you all are leaving here in the next year or two. The only way for that to happen is for us to become familiar with me and aren’t afraid to talk to me,” Pitsch said.

“I feel like it (the meeting) was very good and informative and I felt that I learned about more things going on in our school. I also think it’s great that he’s going out and getting opinions from students,” junior Matthew Vanstory said. 

Pitsch intends to meet with StuCo every two months to discuss issues. “I know sometimes the role of a Superintendent can seem kind of distant and far away, but that’s not how I roll — I’m very involved just because that’s how I like to do things,” Pitsch said.

Pictured above: Superintendent Troy Pitsch meets with student council members September 19. Pitsch invited the students to discuss questions and concerns about the district.

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