Nutrition and wellness class provides snacks for athletes

Ava Meinhardt | staff writer 

Athletes get very hungry throughout the day. It can be at least 5-6 hours before athletes even have a chance to eat between lunch and supper.

Family and Consumer Science teacher Diane Breiner oversees a nutrition bar for the current fall athletes every afternoon except Fridays. “I was talking to Mr. Miller one day about how a lot of his students and others come in and get pop tarts from him. It got me thinking about how long students have to wait to eat from lunch to when they get home after a long practice,” she said. 

The idea started in nutrition and wellness class. The class sent a list of foods students would want to eat from the nutrition bar. Everyone voted on their favorite options from the list. “They decided on the options of PB&J, PB&Banana, bagels with cream cheese, trail mix, peanut butter with fruit or a smoothie. We don’t do smoothies all the time since it’s time consuming to make and they are gone in an instant.” 

Football player Mauricio Hernandez expressed how much he likes the nutrition bar. “I like it, and it keeps me energized and more focused for a game or practice than I would be if I was really hungry,” Hernandez says. 

All of this food can be very expensive, especially when almost every athlete participates. Thanks to the donations from the Booster Club, fall sports, fitness club and the FCS, there has been enough money to buy everything the nutrition bar needs. 

“Another person I would really like to thank is Karen Wright. She picks up our groceries for us, because there is no way I could get to Sam’s Club every week and get the things we need without her,” Breiner said. 

Some of the fall sports teams also donated to help out with providing the food. Breiner hopes some of the parents or athletes can chip in. 

“It’s been hugely successful. There are 81 fall athletes in football, tennis, volleyball, or cross country. We have an average of 50 or more a day attending the nutrition bar,” Breiner said. 

Having food in your body can also have other benefits besides staying energized for sports. “Not only does it help me with staying energized for sports, it also keeps me focused in my afternoon classes,” tennis player Macy Alderman said. 

More than 60 percent of fall athletes use the nutrition bar each day.  “We have provided snacks 15 times so far this fall. 734 fall athletes have taken advantage of the free food items for an average of 49 students per day,” Breiner said.

Breiner plans to continue this program and these numbers throughout the year for each sports season. 

Pictured above: Senior Robert Potter distributes smoothies during 6th hour. Athletes can place an order each morning for snacks in the afternoon. Photo by Ava Meinhardt.

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