Grutsch addresses NHS members at induction ceremony

Payton Wurtz | staff writer

Parent Shelly Grutsch told students they have a bright future during an address to National Honor Society inductees at a ceremony Monday night. 

Grutsch made a list of all the things she wishes she would have known when she was our age. 

“Take time to explore! Job shadow, talk to people with careers you are interested in, find out how they got there, figure out what you really like and see what those jobs are really like. Making connections — also called networking — goes a long way toward getting your foot in the door. And people love it when someone is interested in what they do,” Grutsch said.

Shelly Grutsch addresses NHS students at the induction ceremony October 17. Photos by Dee Glotzbach.

Grutsch’s speech was inspiring and informational for all the listeners. She mentioned other things she wished she knew including, spending more time with family (and calling your mom), not getting so caught up in a high school break-up because when you’re older you’ll probably be praising God you’re not married to your ex, and student loans/debt. 

NHS inducted eight new members Monday night: juniors Heather Baker, Jackson Frey, Sophia Castillo, Alexus Ford, Hannah Sievers, Kaci Meseke, Karli Meseke and senior Olivia Meyer. 

2022 NHS inductees Kaci Meseke, Heather Baker, Jackson Frey, Alexus Ford (Back Row) Karli Meseke, Olivia Mayer, Hannah Seivers and Sophia Castillo (Front Row)

To become a member of NHS, eligible students are required to fill out an application form and write an essay on a topic chosen by The Society. 

“The induction ceremony Monday was a shining moment for the students here to celebrate their academic success and achievements,” adviser Sierra Page said. 

Olivia Mayer signs her name with NHS adviser Sierra Page.

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