Thought Bubble | The injustice of candy corn scorn

AJ Grutsch | editor in chief

Candy corn has been a staple of All Hallows Eve since the first tree was ever TP’ed. However, the scrumptious treat candy corn has gotten a bad rap over the years. 

Anti-candy corn crusaders say the treat is waxy and tastes like dried frosting on a cake that has been sitting out all day. These baseless accusations are from the mouths of sweets cynics and Halloween haters. 

The texture is unique to all other candy which adds to its originality. There are a metric ton of chocolate and caramel candies but none as exclusive as the big C.C. Snickers and Butterfingers eat your heart out. 

I will remain fair in saying that the flavor could seem lackluster. However, when it is met with its partner the salty peanut, it’s like a match made in Halloween heaven. This treat tag team makes a combo unrivaled to any other snack time confit. 

What it lacks in flavor it makes up for in popularity and decoration. When thinking of Halloween candy there is no other confectionery contender compared against candy corn. Made in Philadelphia by George Renninger, candy corn made its debut in America in the 1880s, making the White Orange and Yellow and American as the Red White and Blue. 

Another reason for reviving our righteous refreshment is for delightful decor and design. The C.C. is great for topping other treats like cake or cookies. The tasty triangles can be arranged in any way you like to create simple pictures. There is no other team player like the Corn. 

Speaking of design. The candy corn has three sides with three corners, otherwise known as a triangle, the strongest shape. Unlike all the other boring shapes for candy like the inefficient Skittles and M&Ms or every rectangle candy like Almond Joys and Twix. The triangle is the most efficient shape that can be packaged while taking up the least amount of space. 

Another reason to support candy corn is that you will also be supporting the environment. Nearly all candy has wrappers that people will dispose of by throwing on the ground and littering. Candy corn does not have this problem since it’s all within one bag. If you hate candy corn, you hate the environment. Starburst actually contains three wrappers in one piece of candy. It takes forever just to get to that guarded gratification. Candy corn would never. 

In conclusion, candy corn should receive a better reputation due to the fact that it is a staple of Halloween, works well with other foods, is great for decor, made in the best shape, and helps the environment. 

Celebrate this Halloween with a big handful.

Illustration by Kayla Jernigan.

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