Maple Hill Elementary starts student newspaper and other clubs

Ava Meinhardt | staff writer

The Charger is no longer the only student newspaper in USD 329.

This week, the first issue of the MHES Charger went to print.

Maple Hill Elementary started several clubs within the school this year. The students get a variety of clubs to participate in every quarter. 

The seven clubs include Ag in the Classroom with Logan Heine, Zoology with Maria Reece, Nutrition with Rebecca Frank, Legos and Robots with Cara Miller, Drawing with Kari Rosine, Book Club with Betsy Tipping, and News Club with Jennifer Mumpower. 

The News Club got to work right away. The club was originally advised by Miller, but then she decided to switch with Mumpower’s Legos and Robots club. “We thought it would be a really great way to get the students thinking about other opportunities they will have in the future and didn’t want to let it go,” Mumpower said. 

All of the clubs are open to grades K-5. The News club seems to be a more popular club since there were students from all grades except 3rd grade in the first quarter. However, the students rotate between the clubs every semester.  

According to the student’s coverage, MHES has been a very eventful building this year. The News club is writing about a lot of these events in their articles. 

“I am encouraging them to think about what big events are happening or will be happening in our building. We only meet for 30 minutes, two or three times per month, so we don’t have a great deal of time to get stories written and edited,” Mumpower said. 

The students pick their own topics to write about. However, they are also encouraged to work in groups so it’s easier to come up with ideas and edit each other’s writing. In the end, Mumpower reads over the stories with them and makes suggestions. She also helps improve the writing to be more professional and make sense. 

“It is a great way to get them talking about what is going on in our building and during the school year and sharing it with other people,” Mumpower said.

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