Both wrestling squads to compete at Clay Center

Payton Wurtz | staff writer

The Charger boys wrestling kicked off its season Saturday at Wamego.

“I think for the first meet of the season you gotta look at it two fold. Part one of that is that we have some experienced wrestlers dusting off some rust. I will always say there is no better judge of where you’re competitive wise than going to an actual competition,” coach Tyler Douglass said. “We can practice and practice and wrestle each other as much as we want, but there is no better gauge of where you’re at better than seeing an actual competition, and putting yourself and your strength against another person from another team and actively trying to beat them. In the practice room we can have fun and wrestle our friends but it’s different from wrestling someone from another school. So I think we were shaking off a lot of rust.”

Junior Calvin Magette fought a hard battle all day, finishing 10th. 

“I competed like cheeks. It was a bad day but it could have been worse. I learned not to look at someone and tell myself that I’m going to be beat,” Magette said.

Due to transfer and eligibility rules, state qualifier Weston Johnson will only be able to compete in a select amount of meets this year. 

“It sucks, I thought I was going to have a pretty good year if I would have been able to wrestle the whole year. I think I would have had a lot more wins this year, a lot more than I did last year. It makes me want to go get it more,” Johnson said.

The girls team will debut tomorrow at Clay Center.

“I’m nervous because it’s the first time and I’m not sure how I’m going to do. I think our team is going to do pretty good. We have a special team here and I really think we are going to do great. In practice it’s super fun to work with these girls and I’m super excited to compete with them,” sophomore Mandy Clark said. 

 “There is so much potential for this team and I’m honestly so excited to watch how we grow as a team and individuals. Hopefully we will send some girls to state this year. I think the main goal of this season for me is to gain some strength and mental toughness to help with my upcoming track season,” sophomore Payton Wurtz said.

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