Basketball opens the season in the Wabaunsee Invitational Tournament

Jacob Meseke | editor in chief

Basketball opened its season Tuesday against Northern Heights in the first round of the Wabaunsee Invitational Tournament. The boys won 45-38. Senior Ryan Schutter led the team with 15 points and senior Maverick Havenstein had 7 points off the bench. The girls also opened the year with a win, 48-22. Junior Karli Meseke scored 19 points and junior Kaci Meseke had a double-double with 17 points and 11 rebounds. 

On night two, the Chargers faced Frankfort. The girls lost a tough one to the #10 ranked girls in 1A Div. 1, 52-29. The boys were able to handle Frankfort easily with a 59-16 win. Schutter once again led the Chargers in scoring with 17. Senior Logan Clark had 11 points and Senior Lanson Parry had eight rebounds. 

Both teams ended up losing on night three to Manhattan C.H.I.E.F. The girls lost 41-24 and the boys lost 56-34. The girls finished in third place and the boys finished as the runner up of the tournament.

Both boys and girls had three all-tournament team members. Juniors Taryn Maike, Karli Meseke, and Kaci Meseke for the girls and seniors Bryton Reves, Ryan Schutter and Logan Clark for the boys. 

Basketball will be back at it Friday at Rock Creek. The Rock Creek girls are currently 3-0 and the boys are 2-1.

Senior Jacob Meseke fights to put up a shot against Northern Heights. Photos by Hannah Seivers.

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