Charger Ink store provides opportunity to purchase WHS gear

Baylie Tharman | staff writer

WHS screen printing students have found a new way to get their products to the community.

Charger Ink, the student store, sets up in the commons during home events. 

Senior Olivia Mayer and Dee Glotzbach came up with the idea. “I work at a retail store and I thought it would be fun to sell the projects that students have made,” Mayer said.

Screen Printing teacher Amy Cassell said they decided to make a Facebook page and have the store open at home basketball games. They make personal items, sell extra charger gear, and sell items that people didn’t know about like tumblers and bucket hats.

Olivia Mayer and Paxton Meyer work the Charger Ink table during a home game. Photo by AJ Grutsch.

The screen printing class makes clothing for most of the WHS teams and clubs, and also creates products including blankets, decals and other Charger gear. Customers can usually order online, but the store is a way to sell extra items or to reach people who missed the opportunity to order something.

The profits from sales go back to the screen printing program. “We make a couple hundred dollars almost every game. We keep creating new stuff so it’s still staying afloat,” Mayer said.

Teacher Amy Cassell and senior Dee Glotzbach work the Charger Ink table at a home game. Photo by Heather Baker.

The store will be open tonight at the final home game against Silver Lake, and customers can view the store’s Facebook page @whschargerink.

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