WHS Sweethearts | Brian and Christa Johnson

The Charger asked Facebook followers for Wabaunsee High School sweethearts who are still together. This is the first in a series featuring these couples. If you have a great couple to add, let us know at whscharger@gmail.com.

Ava Meinhardt | staff writer

Brian and Christa Johnson started dating after the 2003 Wabaunsee County Fair. Brian graduated from Wabaunsee High School in 2006, and Christa in 2007. They were married not long after in 2009. 

Their relationship has changed a lot over the years. They have been through high school, college, developing careers and having three children. “Although neither of us would change getting married, it was not easy to be high school sweethearts,” Christa said. 

Brian and Christa Johnson pose with their daughters Taegan, Kinley and Shillow. The Johnsons began dating at WHS in 2003 and graduated in ‘06 and ‘07.

Their relationship during high school, and even after, was filled with many ups and downs. There was the obvious high school drama that everyone goes through and one year of long-distance while Brian was in college. 

“It’s all totally worth it if you truly love the other person. Otherwise it’d be easier to just date around and hangout with your friends and avoid the high school drama,” Christa said. 

The couple now lives in Paxico and is raising three girls together. “I think our relationship has lasted because we have been each other’s best friends and have grown up together. It’s nice to know and support each other,” Christa said. 

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