FFA competes in veterinary science

Baylie Tharman | staff writer

The WHS Vet Science team competed at Prairie View High School last Thursday. They had an A-team and a B-team competing. “The A team did average and the B team got 2nd,” FFA adviser Danny Davis said. 

Multiple team members placed individually. Mikayla Edds placed 5th overall, Kendra Conrad placed 8th, Karsten Breiner placed 10th, David Webb placed 13th and Karsyn Schoffner placed 26th. 

The competitors had to take several tests over different areas of vet science. “You have to take a 50-question general knowledge test, you have to do a math practicum where they ask you several different math problems, and conversions that vets have to deal with. There’s a lot of identifications of different breeds like cattle, horses, dogs, cats, and parrots. There’s also a test over equipment that vets have to use, syringes, medications and equipment that go into vet practice,” Davis said. 

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