About The Charger

The Charger is the student newspaper of Wabaunsee High School in Alma, Kan. The Charger is an open forum for student free speech and is protected by the Kansas Student Publications Act.

Send letters to the editor, story ideas or pictures to whscharger@gmail.com or The Charger, Wabaunsee High School, 912 Missouri, Alma, KS 66401.

Phone: (785) 765-3315

The Print edition of the Charger is distributed free to WHS students and faculty and can be found weekly in the Wabaunsee Signal-Enterprise. Follow @whscharger on Twitter or Instagram.

2018-19 Charger Staff

Eleanor Badeker

Laurel Barber

Kendyl Bolinder

Sean Dugger

Emma Frey

Jayna Keller

Kaytlyn Meseke

Hannah Mumpower

Abby Oliver

Adviser: Brendan Praeger

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