USD 329 Board discusses construction during work session

The USD 329 BOE met Monday for a special meeting to discuss the bond options. Discussion included a new option and questions for the previous bonds discussed. Here are some highlights from the discussion. Option 12 A new option was introduced to the board members. Option 12 is an $8.1 million bond that includes closing PMS and MHES, moving sixth grade to WJH and moving fifth and all elementary students to Alma. $4 million would be set aside for general maintenance for the buildings and of that,  $800,000 would go to improving the AES kitchen.

7-period schedule benefits core classes, challenges electives

The new WHS schedule caused debate among students and teachers last year. After nearly a semester of the new schedule, opinions are mixed. WHS introduced a 7-period daily schedule for the 2019-2020 school year, after using a block schedule in previous years. The Charger polled sophomores, juniors and seniors to gauge the general feeling among the students most affected by the change. Incoming freshmen ran on a 7-period schedule in junior high, so this schedule was not new for them. The majority of students greatly preferred block scheduling, another large portion of students slightly prefer 7-period and 18 percent didn’t have an opinion.

Wabaunsee student handbook undergoes changes

The WHS Student Handbook received some modifications over the summer. The handbook states that its purpose is to serve as an aid in understanding school policies. Last year, the government class went through the handbook and suggested changes using a legislative process. The revisions were submitted to Principal Jan Hutley. “There were very few that we weren’t able to implement this year,” Hutley said. “A lot of them were very common sense and needed to be changed.”

Meet the 2019-20 Charger staff

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