Scholars Bowl returns 5 varsity players


Seniors Jarett Bolinder, Jessica Vanstory, Luke Barber, fourth grader Keaton Mulanax, Dillion Spellman, Sean Dugger and Maddie Alderman pose on Halloween. Mulanax dressed as Bob Ross, the hero and mascot of this year’s team.

Scholars Bowl goes 3-2 at first meet

Scholars Bowl team started the season Thursday with a 3-2 record at the Silver Lake Invitational.

The team defeated Silver Lake, 55-20, Rock Creek, 60-45, and Topeka High, 50-10. The losses were to Burlington, 20-70, and St. James Academy, 40-50. The Chargers were tied for 2nd in the pool, but did not advance to the finals after margin-of-victory was used to break the tie.

The team of Maddie Alderman, Sean Dugger, Luke Barber, Dillon Spellman, Jarrett Bolinder, and Sierra Quathamer includes five returning members of last year’s team which placed 4th at State.

“We had strong first few rounds, they were very close. With five seniors we’re bound to do really well,” senior Maddie Alderman said.

The team will have plenty of practice time before the next varsity meet on November 29.

The JV team traveled to Frankfort on Monday. The team of Emma Alderman, Ryan Grutsch, Reagan Kelley, Mayah Mumpower, Justin Carlson and Grace Spellman finished with a 7-2 record and tied for second in their pool, but also lost due to a tie breaker. Carlson led the team with 250 points followed by Kelley with 100.

“It was an encouraging start,” coach Brendan Praeger said. “We don’t have a lot of varsity opportunities for underclassmen this year, but the JV meets are a great opportunity to learn how the meets work and to start developing strategy. We’ll have to work hard to reload next year.”

— Jayna Keller @whscharger

Hafenstine wins assassin

Jayna Keller, @whscharger

At the end of the day Thursday, freshman Kara Hafenstine was the only one left standing.

On October 11, the freshman class participated in a game of Assassin as a part of reading “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell in English 1.

The rules of the game were simple, each student received a target to hunt. Students could be eliminated using a clothes pin or by being tricked into holding a black spot.

Previous champions

2012: Jason Maciejewski

2013: Natalee Kates

2014: Sania Huda

2015: Erika Prue

2017: Raegan Feyh

2018: Kara Hafenstine


The game only lasted through lunch, when Kara Hafenstine assassinated Kyndal Maike. “I airdropped her a picture of the black dot of death which then killed her,” Hafenstine said.

A common theme that all students said they learned was don’t trust people when it comes to games like this. “I learned not to ever trust anybody because you will not be expecting them to pin you,” Aiden Boeckman.

Comments from the game:

“I learned how being patient helps with assassinating someone. My favorite memory was when Cade let me assassinate him. Kyndal eliminated me because I said don’t tag me instead of don’t pin me. My best elimination was when I hid behind a door then jumped out and got Justin. My assassinations were Justin then Cade.” — Eli McDaniel

“I learned that you always have to know your surroundings and that trust is key to friendships. My favorite memory was when Kyndal and Kara were trying to eliminate each other in the end. Ashlyn eliminated me between classes. My only assassination was Abby.” — Sarah Vanstory

“I learned not to ever trust anybody because you will not be expecting them to pin you then they will pull the pin out and pin you when you are least expecting it. My favorite memory of this game was throwing Hannah’s pin across the room when she pinned me. I did not have any eliminations.” — Aiden Boeckman

“I learned that a Cameron is a cheap son of a gun. I didn’t have time to make a memory, cause Cameron got me out by throwing his backpack at me.” — Gaige Smith

“I learned from assassin to never trust anyone and that our class doesn’t know how to keep their mouths shut. When (Mr. Praeger) said “don’t tell anyone who you have”, I should’ve listened. My favorite memory is when Justin got out first thing in the morning and he was salty the rest of the day. No one eliminated me because I’m the GOAT and no one can get me. My best elimination was my last one which was Kyndal. I airdropped her a picture of the black dot of death which then killed her. Assassinations: Richard, Jackson, Celia, and Kyndal.” — Champion Kara Hafenstine

Students attend SAFE conference

Jayna Keller @whscharger

Fourteen students from Wabaunsee High School SAFE Club attended the Kansas Teen Transportation Safety Conference October 2-3.

The goal of the conference was to help educate students on the dangers of distracted driving and the consequences of those decisions.

Students participated in five different sessions over the two days. Throughout the day, there were plenty of different speakers to listen to, driving simulations and different booths set up for the students to get more information.

SAFE has many different ideas for the upcoming year. The group plans to invite Miss Kansas to come speak to WHS, speak to the elementary schools on the importance of seatbelts and conduct seatbelt surveys to have an idea how many students actually wear their seatbelts. One of the sessions was for the SAFE teams to come up with new ideas for their school. “We are invited to learn ideas, more ways to be safe, new laws, changes in technology and ways we can inspire others,” SAFE Sponsor Marilyn Workman said.

WHS stays in class 2A

Jayna Keller, @whscharger

With an enrollment number of 148, Wabaunsee High School enters the year in the 2A classification.

The classifications shifted more than usual this year due to restructuring by the Kansas State High School Activities Association. According to WHS athletic director Jeron Weisshaar, the state wanted to reduce the number of classifications that had swelled in recent years. 1A and 4A will no longer be split into multiple divisions, and the discrepancy in enrollment between schools in the same class should be reduced.

Several 4A schools moved to 3A and some 3A schools dropped to 2A.

While football classifications were decided in the spring, the new classifications will affect other fall sports. Volleyball heads to Herington and Wabaunsee hosts cross country October 20. Girls tennis heads to Hesston Friday for the 3-2-1A regional.



  • Wabaunsee/2A/148
  • St. Marys/3A/201
  • Silver Lake/3A/206
  • Rossville/2A/163
  • Riley County/3A/224
  • Rock Creek/3A/268
  • Mission Valley/2A/161

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