Editorial | School faces challenges in enforcing vaping policies

After e-cigarette use became a widespread issue last year, which seemed to catch administrators, teachers and parents off guard, WHS worked to combat it by educating students about risks and clarifying the tobacco policy in the student handbook to include e-cigarettes. Possessing any type of electronic cigarette device is illegal on school grounds. The policy for use or possession of any tobacco or simulated tobacco (E-cigarette) product, as stated in the WHS handbook, for the first offense is one to three days of out-of-school suspension, contingent upon situation.

Throwback Thursday: We’ve Got Spirit

The cheerleaders this year sold shakers and cup cakes with poker chips in them for their money making projects. They also sold helium filled balloons at one of the football games and they made banana splits for all of the football players. During the summer they attended a cheerleading camp in Emporia.  The Pom Pon... Continue Reading →

Football jamboree canceled due to flooding in Lyndon

Wabaunsee football won’t get a chance to test itself before it’s first game. The football jamboree between Wabaunsee, St. Marys and Lyndon, originally set to take place at Lyndon tonight, has been canceled. “Lyndon’s field was flooded and Lyndon did not want to travel despite both St. Marys and us making preparations to get our fields ready,” athletic director Jeron Weishaar said. 

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