WHS uses 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to address crumbling building

Student’s at Wabaunsee High School are using the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to cope with the bond failing this past November.  “It would be nice to have an up-to-date school, but this is the best we can get so we’ll take it,” junior Justin Carlson said. “If we saved the money our school has spent to teach Stephen Covey’s book we could probably afford radiators that don’t leak. This is most definitely the better option, though, and will provide us with a solid foundation in becoming “highly effective people.”

Rutledge hired to coach KU football

KU athletic officials announced a “home-run” hire for their football program. Wabaunsee’s head football coach Jess Rutledge will lead the University of Kansas program into the future, the university announced on April 1. 

Alderman cutting 3-minute quizzes to 2.5 minutes

Math teacher Roger Alderman announced plans Monday to reduce the 3-minute quiz to 2.5-minute quiz following schedule changes next year. With the news of the impending schedule change, math teacher Roger Alderman has announced that he will be amending the infamous 3 minute quiz policy to account for the shorter periods of the 21 class... Continue Reading →

Wabaunsee to change Charger mascot to Watusi

The USD 329 board is bored of Charlie the Charger. A group of concerned community members addressed the board last week, arguing that the Charger logo was little more than a blue mustang. They also expressed concern that the Charger, typically a war horse, was too violent a mascot for the peaceful Wabaunsee community. The... Continue Reading →

WHS prom to provide drama counselors

Due to excessive conflict between students in previous years, drama counselors will be on standby at the Wabaunsee High School prom next weekend. Between strenuously searching for the perfect dress, competing to snag a date and worrying about whether your crush will dance with someone else, prom season is a time of constant anxiety and... Continue Reading →

Chicken Pattys to be served every day at WHS

Students have voiced concerns about lunches since August, and the school is finally taking action to improve the dining options at WHS. Starting April 1, a chicken patty or spicy chicken patty will be served every day for lunch. “Chicken patties are chosen every week which shows the student’s interest,” school delicioness consultant Chef Boyardee... Continue Reading →

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